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Quality Products 

We source our products from quality Brands

Sympathetic Addition of Branding 

We add branding to your products, making sure we maintain the integrity of the original garment.

Embroidered or Printed Branding

We can supply either embroidered or printed* designs.

*Printed designs will be quoted offline.

Why You Should  Have Branded Clothing For Your Team

1. It is an Effective, Inexpensive Form of Advertising

Each time one of your staff steps out into the public eye, your business will get seen. Whether it’s by an existing customer or potential new customers.

2. It Builds Your Brand Awareness

This is easily achieved by having professionally branded workwear. When worn by your team this builds awareness of your business. 

3. Your Valued Staff  are Reassured

Wearing branded workwear will ensure your staff know they are a valued part of the team. They will have a feeling of importance to be promoting the business they are part of.

5. Your Staff Will Feel Proud

Your staff will feel confident whilst wearing your brand. They will feel professional. They will always be willing to provide their best service and satisfied they have done so. Your business will be recognised while they are out there doing the work they love.

4. Your Valued Customers are Reassured

Customers will see they have chosen a reputable company. One that takes care of and values their workforce. This shows you have high standards. Branded workwear seen by your customer tells them you are a professional business.

6. You Don’t Have To Be A Big Company

All companies, whether established or still growing, benefit from using branded workwear. It is available for any business, in any industry. 

To have your team, always promoting your company, is a sure way towards growth.

Please follow these steps to get your team promoting your business


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Add your Branding requirements


Place your Order and we will acknowlege and then confirm by email.


We will complete and deliver your order 

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