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PHONE: 01752 660 145


We offer two forms of printing at Adelie, they are Direct to Film and Screen Printing.

DTF Printing is an advancement from Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing, the process involves printing from the software onto transfer film. This is then coated with a Polymer Powder, cured and then heat pressed onto the garment.

It has a flat feel so is almost a cross between Digital Printing and Screen Printing.

DTF Printing allows for full colour printing including white on any material and any colour.

The overriding benefit is the fact that it doesn’t crack or peal, and it stretches with the material, so it works on stretchy fabrics without any issue. Once stretched, it returns to the original shape unlike the Vinyl Heat Transfer which if stretched would either crack or stay misshapen.

Screen Printing is best used on large numbers and with lower amounts of colour due to the nature of the process. The image or design is set up on a screen, and the ink is laid on top of the material, the garment is then passed through an oven to set the ink.

Each colour requires its own screen, or there will need to be a colour change throughout the process, if using more than one colour. That would require the screen to be cleaned off before applying the next colour which is time consuming and adding cost.     

Screen Print tends to fade after several washes and looks good if you like the well worn look!

DTF Printed design on a bag
DTF Printed designs on tshirts