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PHONE: 01752 660 145


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            Why have embroidery instead of print?

Embroidery will outlast any garment, so it will look as good when your garment has worn out, as when it was first supplied, unlike some forms of printing, which can fade, crack or peel after several washes.

It also adds a touch of class to your brand when used to promote or identify your company or organisation. A good quality embroidered logo will always stand out, and there are several different stitch formats that can be used or incorporated into your design to change the appearance.

The only downside when recreating designs for embroidery, is that you can’t fade colours because there is a distinct colour change with the different colour threads. However, by using shades close to one another, it is possible to recreate something very similar. This is something worth bearing in mind when initially having your logo designed if you are wanting to have your logo embroidered.

Embroidery machine thread reels


The first step in the journey to creating a perfectly embroidered design, be it a logo or a special design, such as a theatre production or promotional design, is to create it in a stitch format. This is called digitising, which means to take a picture of your design and turn it into a stitch format so that the embroidery machine can work it’s magic and embroider your garments.

We have our own digitising team in house, and by using the latest digitising technology, we can recreate your design ready to embroider. This can be a time-consuming process, depending on the complexity of your chosen design.

Once you have supplied us with your design or logo, we will digitise it and then embroider a sample of it on material for you to check. This way you can see how it will look, before embroidering any of your garments.

Then once you are happy with the design, colours and all details being correct, we will embroider your garments for you.

Always call us if you want to discuss your requirements, to make sure you know what is possible for you.