Printing Facts

We offer four types of printing, so if printing is your preferred branding method, you will need to contact us in the first instant to discuss the best option for you, and to work out pricing.


Screen printing

 The ink is laid directly onto the material, and is ideal for large orders and predominantly smooth finish garments, i.e. T shirts, hoodies hi vis vests etc. The ink fades after many washes and can have the more casual washed appeal.
The price is dependent on the number of colours, because each colour will either have it’s own screen, or there will be a colour change charge. This means that the initial set up of screens can be more expensive if you have multiple colours in your design.
There is a minimum of 10 garments for this print method.


Heat transfer printing

The design is printed onto vinyl and then stuck onto the garment using a heat press. This is more cost effective for multi colour designs, but there are some garments that can’t be printed this way due to the material they are made from.


Digital printing

Like screen printing, the ink is laid directly onto the material, but with this form of printing the design can be a picture or a highly colourful design, however the garments need to have a high cotton content.


Sublimation printing

This is used on polyester garments, mainly for team kits, like football, rugby, running, cycling, rowing, netball kit or for events or challenges.
The garment starts life as a white garment and the design is printed in one go, so for example; you can design your team kit with the colours and design of your choice. You can then add your logo and any sponsors logos in the positions you want them, and then it all gets printed in one go. This means it is the most cost effective way of having multiple colours and logos as well as building your teams’ kit and identity.
There are minimum order numbers with this style of printing although not so high these days, so please talk to us about your requirements so that we can work with you to achieve your desired outcome.